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A Dual Occupancy Development Has Ever Been So Easy.
22.08.2016 17:28

Up until now, the rules, regulations, and processes involved with dual occupancy were all on you. Wouldn’t you prefer to be meeting with a design manager rather than a house and land packages sales consultant! You can divide your block and House plans no data create a duplex home, or you can add a new house to your existing backyard. This is to ensure that our boutique team of specialists exclusively offer you the very best service throughout your entire Dual Oct journey. From New York to the British Virgin Islands, from the Greek Islands to California, there’s a style that will bring your dream vision to life in your beautiful new home. Our free feasibility test will give you a clear idea of what you can do and what your local council is likely to approve.   Free feasibility - Before you spend any money, we’ll conduct a free feasibility report on your block of land to determine whether or not it’s a good candidate for a Dual Oct development. It is now time for your house to be built! 

The Key To Criteria For Dual Occupancy Homes

Will you be living in one of the new houses? A dual occupancy development has ever been so easy. Budget – How much can you afford to spend on developing your block?  Dual Oct by Porter Davis is an ideal way to unleash the potential in your biggest asset and put you on the path to being better off. What’s the potential sale value of your current home?  We bring to the table qualified and experienced designers and fully qualified planners as part of your team. From setting up an effective finance structure, managing the building process, finding the ‘right’ tenants and understanding your obligations. Looking for a dual income investment property with great cash flow and high capital growth, but not sure who you can trust? You may already have approved plans or may need a custom design from scratch, Glenvill have the flexibility to work with you rather than needing you to fit in with “a process” regardless of whether this is your first or one of many developments Glenvill have a solution for you.


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